Join our Adult Swimming Training for All Over 18’s!

Whether you are a novice or advanced, we have a program that suits you. Please see below a list of the kind of level of swimmer we have assisted.

  1. Competitive – want to participate in masters galas
  2. Midmar Training – swimmers wanting to be fit enough for midmar mile and other open water events.
  3. Health and Fitness – swimmers wanting to simply get fit and stay healthy.
  4. Old dogs – swimmers who feel that as youngsters they were not taught properly how to swim, and who now want to be “old dogs learning new tricks”.

Swimmers at all levels will have stroke correction given to them.



You will need goggles and a swimming cap (men, if your hair is short your, don’t have to have a cap). Please bring a Board, Pull bouy and we do recommend flippers.



We do also offer private swimming lessons for adults who want to improve their strokes or who perhaps were not taught to swim when they were children. These are at a rate of R175.00 per half hour session. We will also do longer private sessions on request or at the recommendation of the coach.



If you wish to discontinue swimming at any stage please ensure that you email Fiona and copy before the 25th of the month in advance so we can stop your invoice. Failure to cancel lessons will mean that invoicing will continue and you will be expected to pay. We do not require a months notice but do ask that you let us know before we send out the following months invoices.


Please click here to view fees & information.

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