Strength and conditioning is run by Jason Donnison Training. It is run on-site at the CURRO Hillcrest High gym on Wednesdays and Fridays. The cost is R280.00 per month and can be added to your monthly debit order. To join the program please contact the swim office on

Jason is a qualified personal training. CrossFit Level 2 coach, Weightlifting coach and has a gymnastic certification as well. He is the coach to the KZN weightlifting team where he recently coached Angela Van Heerden to win the KZN ladies weightlifting championship. He is well versed in training athletes of all kinds in Olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, body weight exercises and much more.

The program uses a wide variety of training types and aims to expose swimmers to a number of different exercises with the purpose of teaching them skills they will need through their swimming skills and to perform them in a way that will not add the risk of injury. The program aims to assist in injury prevention and improving strength specific to a swimmer’s needs.

For more information on the methods of training used you can contact Jason directly on