Perhaps you’ve heard, perhaps you haven’t, but I am taking on the Midmar 8 Mile again in 2017, after successfully completing my first one in 2014.

Apart from the 8 Mile, I’ve done several Midmar Miles in my lifetime, and every year, when training began around October, I found myself wishing I hadn’t stopped swimming directly after Midmar; I’d struggle through a few training sessions of short distances before I’d start to feel a bit more fit.

This year has been completely different and I’ve hardly believed it myself! The difference has been yoga. I’m 18 months into a solid, committed yoga practice and my first few training sessions back in the pool have felt comfortable; I’ve never felt stronger this early in my training.
Yoga assists with mobility, breathing, general strength and endurance and after looking into it a bit more, found that many top athletes, in all sports, complement their training with a committed yoga practice – from the mighty basketball player LeBron James, to the unbeatable All Black rugby team, to Kelly Surf Slayer Slater.

I also came across this wonderful article from a swimming website, about why yoga is great for swimmers:

As long as I keep up my yoga practice and continue my training regularly in the pool, 8 Mile 2017 should be challenging and fun, rather than terrify me!